Our packs are ergonomically designed with a number of smart design features that makes filling and dispensing simpler and faster.

Weekly Packs

Easier to Store

Can be stacked like a book to aid storage

Easier to fill and seal

  • Easier to fill as pack stays flat due to unique hinge design
  • Designed for easier seal application

Easier to use

  • Larger tabs combined with a new hinges make
  • opening and closing easier for patients
An image of multiple weekly packs stacked alongside each other at an angle. This shows that our weekly packs are easy to store and can be stacked like a book to aid storage.
An image demonstrating the 180 degrees hinge design. Making it ieasier to fill, seal and use
An iamge of the navimed Weekly pack, focused on the name, address, date of birth and telephone entry insert

Monthly Packs

Ergonomically Designed

  • Angled blister Cavities make it easier to pop out blisters.
  • Round corners make it easy for carers to handle
A view of the angled blister cavities on the navimed monthly pack